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Meet Alicia

I’d been designing custom wedding invitations for about 5 years before I realized that I didn’t really want to sell wedding invitations. As a creative beast, there’s this thing called authenticity that MUST be present. Most artists I know have absolutely no desire to commercialize their art (they want to eat, of course, so commercialization must happen, but it’s not the driving passion). Most artists I know desire to create something completely authentic to who they are, and then find someone with whom that authenticity resonates. They want to be KNOWN through what they produce.


EPIPHANY. I do not want to create wedding invitations (or birthday invitations, or baby shower invitations, or anniversary invitations–you get the idea) that sell because they are en trend or because someone else is making that and I can make it better. And if I’m being incredibly honest, I don’t want to create invitations that appeal to the masses. A category in my shop for every bridal preference you can think of? Probably never going to happen.


So what kind of custom wedding invitations DO I want to create? I want to create the kind of invitations you’ve Googled and haven’t found. The kind that pull from multiple inspirations but can’t be found in one design. I want to create something that feels completely authentic to you because that fulfills the authentic in me. (I know, I use that word a lot. And for some reason, I can hear Andre the Giant saying, “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” [If you get that reference, we are going to GEL]. But I do know what it means, I promise.) I want to create the kind of invitation that feels like your favorite pair of trashed Toms or the inside joke that only you and your best friend get. The kind that feel like you’re sending out a snapshot of who you are when you stamp and address them.

Also, some random facts about me:

1. I'm a wife and a mother. I can't say I'm a pro at either of those things, but I take those roles pretty seriously.


2. I love eclectic, bohemian, funky, borderline ugly stuff. I have a gypsy soul.

3. I'm inspired by anything around me that touches that nostalgic place in me that I can't quite figure out. You know...that place that makes you long for something that doesn't have a name.


4. "O-M-G!" That's the response I'm looking for when I design for you. Something with a lot of exclamation marks works, too.


5. I'm 97% introverted. That means I'm great via email or even text. I'm paralyzed with social anxiety if you want me to call you, or Facetime you, or if my phone rings.


6. I'm obsessed with stationery. Like, obsessed. But especially anything vintage, scientific, or completely weird illustrations.

7. Jesus. All day long, Jesus.

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