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The Signature Collection for 2024 is our favorite yet! From destination weddings to enchanted forest weddings, this collection

is everything whimsical, vintage, unexpected, and completely unique. Luxury papers, coordinating embellishments, and mix-and-match illustrations make each of these suites feel completely custom to you!

Each suite you see can be 100% customized to your needs, including changing out illustrations, editing color schemes and envelope colors, adding maps/other illustrations, etc. Just contact us to find out more!

And don't forget to follow us on social media, as we are adding to the Signature Collection regularly!

wedding invitations, mountains, Colorado, rustic, moose, elk, itinerary, destinaton, wedding weekend, kraft paper, white ink, pine trees, Montana, Estes Park, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah

Mountain Retreat

wedding invitations, paradise, tropical, destination wedding, pineapple, palm leaf, flamingo, fish, octopus, map, custom map, Florida, beach, Hawaii, bird of paradie, gold, gold foil, Carribean, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Cozumel, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Riviera Maya


wedding invitations, agage, geode, gems, rocks, minerals, boho, bohemian, rock quarry, water, gold foil, elegant, lavendar, purple, blue, diamond, geometric

Rock Quarry

wedding invitations, birds, feathrs, eggs, ornithology, nest, fruit, vintage, unique, botanical gardens, field guide, whimsical


wedding invitations, insects, Entomology, drangon flies, bees, beetles, lady bugs, grasshoppers, butterflies, moths, unique, whimsical, vintage, field guide, cabine of curiosities


wedding invitations, enchanted forest, toadstool, mushroom, fern, bohmeian, boho, outdoors, jewel tones, burgundy, whimsical, outdoor, woods, vintage, moss

Enchanted Toadstool

wedding invitations, bird, colorful, illustrated, vintage, terrarium, cloche, lemon, fruit, noire, dark, eclectic, unique, whimsical, flowers, floral, butterflies, insects, cabinet of curiosities, olive, blue, jewel tones, sketches

Garden Noire

wedding invitations, dusty blue, dusty rose, blush, burgundy, magnolia, art deco, white ink, vellum, floral, flowers, simple, elegant, summer, winter, classic, minimalist, mauve, boho, bohemian

Deco Floral

wedding invitations, death moth, silver foil, black, gray, neutrals, minimalist, classic, simple, dark floral, flowers, noire, sophisticated, unique, monogram

The Wedding Knell

Cabinet of Curiosities Wedding Invitations, frogs, locusts, heron, birds, eggs, orchids, carnivorous plants, instects, dark, moody, custom, bespoke, vintage

The Cabinet of Curiosities


I Lava You

Wedding invitations, wedding stationery, custom design, blush, mint, green, dusty blue, dusty pink, heron, illustrations, vintage, art deco, art nouveau, gold, gold foil, mauve, floral, vintage wedding invitations, unique wedding invitations, 1920s wedding invitations


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