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Bespoke Event Stationery + Design Studio

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At Alicia Moran Designs, we believe whole-heartedly in a few things:

  • personal interaction produces the best work

  • nature and luxury can and should co-exist

  • there is inspiration in the creativity and passion of our clients

  • there is unmatched beauty in the unexpected

If you believe in these things, too, we are going to create something amazing together!  If you aren't sure, but you think you want to believe in these things,  let us convert you.  You won't be sorry!

vintage swallow

The design studio was founded a decade ago with a small Etsy shop that had two separate branches: event stationery and business branding solutions.  Over the years, the event stationery has grown to a full Signature Collection (which changes each season!), as well as an Heirloom Collection, which contains fully custom, built from scratch suites that we have created for our amazing clients.  Our favorite question to ask when we get started is: "If there were no limits to what an invitation could be, what would this event's invitation look like?" We do not specialize in what's en trend or what many would consider traditional.  Our goal is to create the unexpected and communicate the beauty in it.  That's how ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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vintage swallow
custom wedding invitations, vintage, illustration, hummbing birds, pansies, iris, mushroos, mustard yellow, gold, green, cloche, terarrium, burgundy

Sometimes you see something and say, "That's exactly what I'm looking for!"  But what if your jam just isn't out there?  You don't have to settle for something that "kind of" feels right.  The way that you announce your special event to the world should be authentic to you and your event.  That's why we specialize in bespoke stationery, where we collaborate with you, take the amazing ideas you already have swimming around in your head, and kick them up a notch with luxury, sometimes out-of-the-box materials, to produce something that wows your guests right out of their socks!  Together, we create something that you will want to keep as an heirloom in remembrance of a calendar day that forever changed your world. Are you ready?

vintage swallow

If completely custom isn't in the budget, our Signature Collection offers a wide range of styles and aesthetics, and is completely customizable to your needs.  We can tweak fonts, colors, illustrations, printing methods, etc. for a semi-custom suite, or we can create it as-is just for you!  

Oh, and did we mention that any of the suites you see featured in the Heirloom Collection can also be recreated just for you!?

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vintage swallow
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One size doesn't fit all, and the value of your event stationery is so individual to you and your needs!   However, we do believe in giving people a place to start - we're not trying to give anyone sticker shock.  Our starting prices are based on digital printing on our luxurious white or cream card stocks, but the sky is truly the limit!  Every suite - whether custom or not - receives our personal attention and doesn't leave our studio until it's perfect.  But factors like custom paper choices, print mediums, accessories, and other customizations will affect the price.


"They were just what I wanted - tropical and unique. We communicated over e-mail, she sent me a quote and mocked up some designs. The end result was stunning! She provided us with: welcome sign, name cards, table numbers, guest book, invitations and thank you cards. Great value, fast communication!"
--Amber Robertson

"Love our invitations...Could not be more thrilled with them! Beautiful and every bit of the process was perfect. Alicia is great to work with--so talented!"
--Holley Trucks

"The invitations were beautiful! We rushed the order and Alicia made sure that we received them when we were supposed to. Great customer service and great quality products."
--Jacqueline Christine

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